Dad’s Day

Perpetual Emotion Machine
from The Unforetold

I wrote Dad’s Day on December 13, 2009 as that was the 6th anniversary of my father’s death. I was feeling particularly down that day, but trying to fight it by thinking of good memories of him — this is why the music has both major and minor chords.

The lyrics were written at the same time, which is unusual for me (it is unusual for me to have lyrics at all, even though there are three songs with lyrics on the album). Apart from feelings of melancholy about missing him, I was also embroiled in some serious personal issues and things in the family were not that good. It occurred to me that I was glad that he wasn’t around to witness things breaking down like that and that was where the words came from.

That the beginning of the song matched so easily with the end of Bad Day was discovered by accident while previewing some work files and one accidentally started playing over the other, so I decided to mesh them together, eventually also with Hard Candy to make a complete suite of three opening tracks.

Perpetual Emotion Machine

The Unforetold: Bad Day / Dad’s Day / Hard Candy

Dad’s Day (Isolated)

The Nine-Oh-Five: Hard Candy (Stripped) / Dad’s Day (Extended) / Bad Day (Overloaded)


written, produced and arranged by Perpetual Emotion Machine. remix and additional production on The Nine-Oh-Five by OCIII.

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