Chain Chain Chain

2009 EP (WOOF 11P)

This was the second EP to be released from The Unforetold. It is made longer by the inclusion of the companion suite The 905, which is the antithesis of Track 1 of the album. Apart from that, there are two remixes of the single and a non-album track which, for all intents and purposes, is a demo and a track I have worked on perfecting since I released this.

The Jamix is not live, per se, as the piano piece was recorded earlier and then applied, unedited, to the remix of the song, which was played at a different tempo, this creating a strange synergy.

Read about the tracks

Chain Chain Chain (Crunch-O-Mix)
A Matter Of Degrees
Chained (Jamix)
The 905: Hard Candy (Stripped) / Dad’s Day (Extended) / Bad Day (Overloaded)