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2006 Perpetual Emotion Machine from Glory This is the original album version, but not the first version of the track (or the last). Before Archibald laid down his piano parts, the song was much different. CREDITS written by Perpetual Emotion Machine and Archibald Macdonald. produced and arranged by Perpetual Emotion Machine. piano by Archibald Macdonald.

Breaking The Habit (Earl Three’s Empty Chamber Remix)

Linkin Park This remix was created using only elements from the multitrack recording. I have always loved this song and thought that underneath the aggressive drums, there was a beautiful melody and almost symphonic undertone to the piece. I was drawing on the production sensibility of Trevor Horn when I undertook this and arranged the …


2010 Perpetual Emotion Machine unreleased Lethal was written shortly after I completed work on The Unforetold is one of my rare attempts to write a traditional song format. This one even has a proper lyrics and a melody (which I never finalized or recorded). I was definitely inspired by Pet Shop Boys when I wrote …