Sister Of Night

2021 Earl Three Depeche Mode cover For Enjoy volume 2 Much like other Depeche Mode songs, this one is on the dark side. There are many different interpretations of this song’s meaning (some have suggested that it might be about Dave’s heroin addiction), but I’ve always thought it was about lonliness and the desperation it […]

New Dress

2021 Earl Three Depeche Mode cover For Enjoy volume 2 I never used to be political, in fact I was so very anti-political so as to be apathetic. But now I am (even though I don’t really want to be — it was just kind of done to me) and where I am at on […]

Any Second Now

2021 Earl Three Depeche Mode cover For Enjoy volume 2 I just wanted to sing. So I did. Music by Modular State, edited by me. Credits written by Vince Clarke. performed by Earl Three.


2006 Perpetual Emotion Machine fromĀ Glory This is the original album version, but not the first version of the track (or the last). Before Archibald laid down his piano parts, the song was much different. CREDITS written by Perpetual Emotion Machine and Archibald Macdonald. produced and arranged by Perpetual Emotion Machine. piano by Archibald Macdonald.

My Kind Of Woman

2019 Perpetual Emotion Machine feat. Drew Penny Cover of Mac DeMarco This was the first collaboration between myself and my daughter who is a fantastic singer and kind of scares me how crazy talented she is. She asked me to help her record vocals for this over a karaoke track. I was so blown away […]

Breaking The Habit (Earl Three’s Empty Chamber Remix)

Linkin Park This remix was created using only elements from the multitrack recording. I have always loved this song and thought that underneath the aggressive drums, there was a beautiful melody and almost symphonic undertone to the piece. I was drawing on the production sensibility of Trevor Horn when I undertook this and arranged the […]

Happens All The Time

2014 Earl Three Depeche Mode cover This is a cover of a lesser known Depeche Mode non-album track from the Delta Machine period. This was done in a single session and the vocals were recorded through a very lo-fi webcam microphone since there was nothing else available at the time. The original version was more […]