Luz En Oscuridad

2007 EP (WOOF 7X) PERPETUAL EMOTION MACHINE This collaboration came about after I heard a chiptune by my friend’s son which he had done up in FL Studio. When I heard the piece, I envisioned a hard trance track, and the single was the end result. I coupled this with the requiem I wrote because […]


2010 EP (WOOF 12P) PERPETUAL EMOTION MACHINE Excursion is the final EP in the set of singles from The Unforetold. It was released as a bonus bundle if people bought the album and two singles which preceded it. It mainly contained remixes from Omega which were unreleased up to that point plus a video edit […]

Chain Chain Chain

2009 EP (WOOF 11P) PERPETUAL EMOTION MACHINE This was the second EP to be released from The Unforetold. It is made longer by the inclusion of the companion suite The 905, which is the antithesis of Track 1 of the album. Apart from that, there are two remixes of the single and a non-album track […]

Bad Day

2009 EP (WOOF 10P) PERPETUAL EMOTION MACHINE WOOF 10P was the first of three EPs to serve as singles from The Unforetold. This EP featured a different mix of the title track from the album plus a remix of it as well. The companion track, Hard Candy, from the album suite also gets an edit. […]

The Flight Deck

2007 EP (WOOF 7) PERPETUAL EMOTION MACHINE The Flight Deck is the second PEM release and the only single from the Omega album. Doing ‘singles’ was a really interesting exercise for me. As a record collector, I have a crapload of singles in my collection. My favourites have always been the ones that have more […]