The Unforetold

2009 Album (WOOF 9) PERPETUAL EMOTION MACHINE The Unforetold was my attempt to complete a thematic concept album based on what was happening in my life at that time. It was an attempt to tell the stories, in musical form, of single moments — as if they were frozen so you could see every detail […]


2007 EP (WOOF 8) PERPETUAL EMOTION MACHINE Glory became a remix album/EP but began as an attempt at a second album. I was struggling with new material and this the reason behind the change. The album starts off quite dark, gets a little aggressive and then settles down to just a driving beat at the end. […]


2006 Album (WOOF 6) Perpetual Emotion Machine Omega was the first new material I had written since 2001’s CTRL. It was also the first material I composed under the Perpetual Emotion Machine name. The catalyst for writing new songs after four years was twofold. Up to this point, I had been creating music exclusively using […]