(I Think I’m Gonna) Rave (2019 Redux)

A completely reconstructed version of the track using FL Studio, true in structure to the original, using the same sample sources. The first experiment in an attempt to improve upon the poorly executed but still relevant original tracker material from the 90s. Don’t call it a comeback, it’s been here for years. CREDITS written, produced […]

(I Think I’m Gonna) Rave (Original Version)

The first version of the song using ScreamTracker, in its somewhat original form — at some point I added global reverb and spatialization to the original track. CREDITS written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. © 1994 EtherReal Productions. INFLUENCES Westbam, SL2, Acen

¿Como Estas?

1998 EtherReal from Bite Me There was a very clear (and shameless) purpose for creating this track, and that was to utilize the drum sample I lifted from John Cougar‘s Jack And Diane — the entire song was built around it, as well as other samples I lifted from CDs. This was the MO for […]

Restless, Restless

1995 EtherReal From Pieces Of 8 This was probably the last track I did before upgrading my software and starting to do stuff from home. It’s a great sounding bassline with some club/house percussion that I’ve always wanted to redo into something more substantial, but so far no joy. The only thing about this I […]