2020 Album (WOOF 10)
Perpetual Emotion Machine

:AND_THEN is the working title for a forthcoming new album from Perpetual Emotion Machine.

I began to write the demos for a new album in 2014. At the time, I was experiencing a personal loss and I was in a deep funk that only music could even hope to pull me out of. I created a lot of cover versions during this period but also several new pieces. it is these pieces that I am now in the process of compiling and finalizing for an eventual 2020 release.

Not that this is the first time I am announcing this. A lot has happened since 2014 and it almost seems like another lifetime ago. I have been to the brink of despair and back. I have been in two relationships since, the second ending in marriage. Trying to find the time to assimilate all the changes and the time to complete the tracks has been difficult. Not to mention that the circumstances which inspired some of the songs no longer exist and it’s hard to get back to the moment when so much time has passed.

But not all the songs are borne of tragedy and loss. Many are flashes of something better, just accessing my muse. So it will be a journey for me to take this seemingly disparate collection of music and make something cohesive.

I am aiming to increase collaboration on this record, calling on the talents of more vocalists, musicians and lyricists to capture the ideas I am forming in my mind. Don’t be surprised if I approach you.

Below are the tracks I am considering for the album, in no finalized order.

Icicle Waltz
End Of Line
Just In Case
Threshold / If
Celestial Abbatoir