Acieed Flashback

From Pieces of 8

This track was completed long after the house music craze was over it’s initial stages. I was a big fan of all of that when it was big in the late 80’s, Steve Hurley, Royal House, Inner City, that whole lot. So I did this as kind of a tribute to that. I say that now because it sounds good, but at the time, I kinda just did it without thinking about it, and didn’t care if the music sounded out of date. The title, of course, is the same spelling of the D-Mob track, “We Call It Acieed”.

Once again, I cleaned this up slightly, replacing the kick drum with a cleaner sounding one.


Acieed Flashback

Original Version

This is more or less the original version, which was ported from ScreamTracker to FastTracker. Some samples were replaced. This has always been one of my favorite versions. It sounded dated when I made in in the 90’s, but that was the point.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. ©1993 EtherReal Productions.


Royal House, JM Silk, D-Mob.


Acieed Flashback

2000 Mix

At some point in my 2000 creative slump, I got it in my head to revamp this track from the 8-bit days. Typically, it went uncompleted due to lack of interest and general cheesiness. I came across it again in 2006 when I was remastering the older material, and decided to finish it off. It’s a kind of euro-house treatment with the same general progressing, but there’s a definite increase in the stompiness quotient.


written, produced and arranged by EtherReal. Remixed by EtherReal. ©1993, 2000 EtherReal Productions.

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