Under various names, I have been making and messing around with music since 1991. This is an attempt to compile everything in one place — and give it away for free, making things simpler for everyone.

Having said that, if you like what you hear, I am also on Bandcamp. Feel free to make a purchase.

You can browse my work by the alias and album (or collection). Each album page will give you background on the album and links to the songs, as well as the option to play the album in its entirety.


… is the identity used between 1993 and 2001. Using tracker-based software, the genres are mostly techno-electro based, with some exceptions.

Perpetual Emotion Machine

… is the identity used between 2005 and the present. Using more modern DAW software, the works here are more polished.


… is the identity used to conduct experiments.

The Immaculate Contraption & OCIII

…are also some names I used.

Tribute Remixes

Check here for all my underground stuff I did for no money.